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Situated in the south of Europe, on the Peloponnese peninsula, Greece is surrounded by the Aegean, Cretan, Ionic, and Mediterranean seas. In short, Greece is a country of the sun, blue sea, white houses, and majestic history.

Continental Greece and the Peloponnese offer attractive locations which have been witness to all eras of the country’s history.

At the heart of continental Greece lies its capital, Athens. The serene landscape of the city is interspersed by three hills, of which Acropolis, the smallest one, is also the most famous. Central Greece also boasts the magnificent monastery complex of Meteora, north of Kalampaka. One cannot forget Greece’s highest peak, Mount Olympus (2918 m above sea level), once considered to be the seat of ancient gods. Also worth a visit are the ancient remnants of Delphi, Mycenae, Knossos, Epidaurus, and Olympia.



Those dreaming of marine vacation should head for the Greek islands. With three thousand isled and islets, Greece glories in its tourist facilities that extend from Crete through Rhodes, Lesbos and Santorini.

According to the ancient Greek legend, when God was making the world, he sieved the earth’s soil so that each country could partake in proper ground, and then cast the remaining stones behind him, creating Greece.

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