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Price - double cabin: 1050 €
Price - charter the whole yacht with skipper: 3900 €
Mediterranean Sea, Strait of Bonifacio
DATE: 11.06.2018 - 21.06.2018 (10 days)

Two Islands - Two Worlds. Italian Sardinia and French Corsica. Cruise no. 2

Two Islands – Two Worlds. Italian Sardinia and French Corsica. Cruise no. 2

Join us for a cruise through the waters of Sardinia, Corsica, and the Strait of Bonifacio.

We will be sailing for 10 days. The duration of the cruise will enable you to get proper rest, visit and learn more about regional landmarks, and be treated to sufficient sailing time. Our cruise dates overlap with optimal weather conditions, and follow carefully delineated routes that will provide you with an unforgettable experience. Time for a true seafaring experience!

The cruise will take place in high season, which spans from June through late September. July is the perfect month for inter-island sailing. Peak temperatures are not at the annual high, and sea water is warm following intensive sun exposure.

Air temperatures at daytime oscillate around 30°C, dipping to 25ºC at night.

Estimated water temperature: 23ºC.

The cruise begins and ends in Olbia, Sardinia, near the local airport. During the cruise, we will anchor at such ports as Massimo, Bonifacio, Ajaccio, Santa Teresa di Gallura, Maddalena (including a visit to the national park).

The route suggested above is subject to change depending on weather conditions. It is possible to sail at night (1 night).


We use a comfortable, 3-cabin, 15-meter Dufour 485 Grand Large yacht.

For a detailed yacht description, click here: S/Y AQUAHOLIC

The yacht is equipped with the GPS, VHF, autopilot, motor dinghy, 2 fridges, freezer, stove, oven, microwave, CD radio, sprayhood and a bimini top for sun protection.

The decision to reroute the cruise may be taken at the request of the participants, due to unfavorable weather conditions, or in the course of the skipper’s decision to ensure the safety of the crew and/or yacht.




Cala di Volpe
Cala di Volpe is a beautiful bay, protected from winds and waves, surrounded with lush greenery and bathed in the fresh Mediterranean breeze.



Caprera Island
The island belongs to the Maddalena archipelago and is connected with the Maddalena island with w bridge. A nature reserve, it offers unforgettable sights. While atop Monte Teialone or Poggio Stefano, visitors may admire the splendid panorama of the entire archipelago. The breathtaking view is complemented by pink granite rocks. The narrow and fiord-like Coticcio Bay is nestled in the eastern part of the island. In the south-east, one may cherish the beauty of the bottleneck-shaped, rocky bay of Cala Brigantina.


Porto Massimo
Porto Massimo is a small, privately owned port on the eastern shore of Porto Lungo, on the island La Maddalena. Porto Massimo is a pleasant spot for a stopover while on the island.


Lavezzi Island
The Lavezzi Island enchants with its natural beauty, but attracts crowds of tourists from the nearby Corsican towns. It is home to one of Corsica’s most beautiful bays, Cala LAzziana. Lavezzi remains among the most intriguing islands, and its anchor grounds are ranked among the best in the entire Mediterranean Sea.


The little town of Bonifacio is an epitome of Corsica’s character and climate. The charming, narrow streets leading up to the Citadel, and the marvelous port entry are among the must-see sights. With good weather, visitors may admire the wonderful panorama of the nearby Sardinia. Inside the bay, there is a large, attractive anchor ground.


We will anchor in the Valancio Bay, which adjoins the town of Propriano. The bay features a 24-h marina which offers quality protection from winds. The town is home to a 6th-century church, the oldest Christian temple in Corsica, most probably built by North African Christians, who had been driven out of Africa by the Vandals.  


Ajaccio is a city at the end of a deep bay surrounded by citrus plantations and vineyards. This old city is a labyrinth of narrow, charming streets, with fishermen crying their daily wares..


Figari Bay
The Figari Bay is a deep, safe bay that offers protection from all kinds of winds. At the end of the bay, there is a little marina and several beach restaurants, which may be accessed with the dingy for a zesty local dinner.  


Santa Teresa di Gallura
Santa Teresa di Gallura is a modern port in one of the most unique places in the world:  Les Bouches de Bonifacio (The Strait of Bonifacio). The town abounds in various restaurants and tourist attractions. Some of them are basically empty due to their inaccessibility from the mainland. We will anchor at the cape of Copo Testa, where you may enjoy fresh fish prepared before your eyes in a delicious beach restaurant.


Poltu Quatu
Poltu Quatu is a fiord surrounded by magnificent rocks bathed in the sea. There are practically no beaches here. The granite rocks are covered with aromatic wild rosemary and myrtle. The Poltu Quatu fiord provides perfect protection from winds, making it an ideal anchor ground. In the past few years, it has become a typical fishing village.


Double cabin: EUR 1220

Full yacht charter including skipper fee: EUR 3250

The fee includes:
- yacht charter
- skipper’s fee and travelling expenses
- motor dinghy
- medical, accident, and luggage insurance
- 10-day cruise fee


Yacht cleaning fee: EUR 120 (EUR 40 per cabin)

Yacht treasury: EUR 100-150 per person (includes expenses such as port fees, fuel, board on the yacht).

The skipper is exempt from the yacht treasury fee; the crew is obliged to provide board to the skipper.

The yacht treasury is balanced upon end of the cruise.

Deposit: EUR 200 per person – the deposit is charged on account of possible damages caused throughout the cruise due to improper use of the equipment. The deposit will be charged on the day of departure and returned upon end of the cruise, provided that no damages will be caused to the equipment.

Other expenses:
- excursions on the visited islands, admission to national parks, etc.,
- eating out, tips, other expenses.

Travel to the point of departure: not included in the cruise fee

Information about flights: tba

ISSA CERTIFICATE: PLN 180 per person. Throughout the duration of the cruise, participants may take part in an ISSA training, which will enable them to obtain a certificate of a qualified crew member. We recommend that you consider participation in the course.

Reaching some of the ports en route of the cruise may impossible due to weather conditions. Reservations are made upon payment of the cruise fee.
Prior sailing experience is not required.

Direct contact:

Dariusz Ignaszak +48 601 052 623 or Rafał Ignaszak +48 502 311 505

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